Proposition de réponse pour le devoir « Ma mission »

  • Who are you? (name, function, etc.):
    My name is Camille Mercier
    I work in Firefly book in the communication department in London. My company specialises in literature for children and teenagers.

    Who are the persons you should contact (by phone and in writing)?

    (by phone) I should contact Sidney Sheldon who also works in Firefly Books as an educational consultant
    (by e-mail): I should send a written report with my ideas and recommendations to Penny Wilson, the head manager of Firefly Books

    What is the subject of the mission?

    Nationwide short story contest for young writers. The first 10 winners will have their short story professionally illustrated, published and properly promoted and a special reward for the best short story chosen by the jury

    What should you do?
    Choose a special REWARD for the winner of the contest for the best story.

    Why should you accomplish this mission?

    It’s necessary to consider the young age of the winner to choose an appropriate not cash prize.

    Where does the mission take place?

    I work in London. As the contest is of national level, the prize should be an activity taking place in Britain.

    What are your means, conditions, constraints?

    Contest participants: 12-14 years old children
    no cash price
    One option
    prize should be unforgettable,
    educational or recreational
    individual activity or for the whole family